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Dongguan Head Office:
General: corp@singular-enterprise.com
Manager: fion@singular-enterprise.com
Tel: +86 (769) 8575 0692 / (769) 8581 6810 / (769) 8581 8405

B1-8, Xin Hou Jie Industrial Innovation Park, South Ring Road, Hou Jie Town, Dong Guang, Guang Dong, China (Postal Code 523947)

Hong Kong office:
General: corp@singular-enterprise.com
Manager: fona@singular-enterprise.com
Tel: (852) 3586 9598
Address: Rm C1,6/F, Leapont Centre, No 18-28 Wo Liu Hang Road, Fo Tan, NT, Hong Kong
America Sales Representaive
General: corp@singular-enterprise.com
Manager: patrick@singular-enterprise.com
Language Spanish / English

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